10 Ways to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

bounce rate

bounce rateToday I want to talk to you about bounce rate.

So has bounce rate got a better name?

Possibly ‘User Engagement’, 

You see Google determines the bounce rate this way:

A visitor arrives at your web page, they may stay a while but they do not take any further action. Because of this you get a high bounce rate.

26-40 is excellent       
41-55 is average
56-70 is ok but you need to do better 
70-100 is extremely worrying because Google don’t think your site is good enough for their searchers!


Now many of the websites that I check, have a bounce rate of between 56 & 100 – that’s poor and often the tweaks to improve it are so simple!

Why? Well Google changes it’s criteria on a regular basis, Web designers maybe misunderstood your brief or possibly you don’t truly understand what your client wants when they visit your site. I know that I sound harsh but it’s true. Sorry(sad face)

Web designers want to build your site, they often don’t understand SEO

You don’t know what you don’t know so think everything’s fine.

Google wants its searchers to have the best experience, so something gives and Google’s the bigger party so they will win and your site will drop down the rankings.

Unless you do something about it.

So what can you do about it?

Here are my 10 Top Tips:

1. Showcase your product or service first – Your visitor is there for a reason. Give the solution to their search immediately2. Make sure that your text size is easy to read
3. Make your page as minimalistic as you can – Who wants to see clutter. One page, One message, perfect!
4. Cross link to other pages in your site – Don’t lose a visitor, send the to look at another page, your booking page would be a good one!
5. Add in images/videos that aren’t text based – We like to take in information quickly nowadays, images and videos allow us to do that. So add them!
6. Provide relevant content, with one simple call to action – don’t confuse, one message and they can easily make a choice to buy what you offer
7. Build a clear navigational path – show your viewers where to go.   Landing page to More details page to Buy Now page – simples!     
8. Place the search prominently – If you must clutter your landing page, encourage people to use the search tool.
9. Speed up the page loading – Okay, I know, it’s a personal rant of mine but who wants to wait ages for a site to load on a phone or desktop. Not me, I just head off to find a competitor.They will too, I promise you.
10 Reduce external links or at least have them open up in a new window – every external link is a lost client, so think carefully about where you send people to. They may never come back.