Starting to Trade with Crypto

How I got started:

We are all now being tempted to invest our money in stocks and crypto. Some will say this is a good thing, some say it’s bad. I guess there is not right or wrong answer here as each person’s opinion will be reliant on either their personal experiences or those of someone they know.

So that got me thinking….

What were the worries that I had when I first started trading with crypto two years ago, what made me hesitant about trading and then, why did I gain confidence to dive in big time (well big time for me!).

This is what I realised. 

I am the sort of person that likes to be adopting the ‘new’ of everything and I have been known to take many chances that haven’t worked. However on the flipside I have also been very successful in most things that I invest my time in.

My interest in trading became more of a reality when I first opened a Revolut account. It gave me the opportunity to easily dabble in buying and selling shares. However I realised that the platform wasn’t as flexible as I wanted. So I turned to learning a bit about crypto trading. I followed some instructions and set up two wallets. I then invested $40 into each wallet. My life took a turn, that meant I had no time to continue learning about crypto and I actually forgot about these wallets. 

Two years later I was approached by someone who told me about an opportunity that turned out to be a scam. I will name it here because I want to save you all from losing money like I had. It was called Beurax. Stay away from this at all costs. Further in the book I will show you some reputable sites to use. 

So let’s move on… because I am ever positive, I wanted to find a way to recoup that money. I had been lent it and I needed to repay it.

I started to learn as much about crypto investing as I could and set up a couple of accounts where I could trade. 

As I was searching for the right account for me, I tried to open one that said I already had an account. Imagine my surprise when I found that one of my $40 investments had turned into just over $400!

I went in search of the other investment and found it, it had increased by a similar amount. I now had just over $800 to use to start investing. 

As you can probably appreciate, I was over the moon.

However, as life is, nothing was straight forward and the learning curve was quite steep but in 8 weeks, I managed to turn $800 into $1800 and then the market crashed!

I was not expecting it, I really didn’t think it could happen, so back to learning more…

Thankfully I only lost about $500

You’ll soon realise that I am an ever positive, ‘glass half full’ sort of person.  So I set back down to building my money up again, using the $1300 I now had. 

I realised that there were opportunities for me here but it wouldn’t always be plain sailing.  Now I knew that, I could prepare myself for the ride!