Building a Dream Biz 2020
December 11, 2019

5 Easy Rules Of Building A Dream Biz 2020.

By Sue Berry

Step One:

So your first steps when deciding if you really want to build a dream business is to answer these four questions:

1. What type of business could you be really passionate about?

Consider if you want to start something from scratch, do you want to buy an existing business or do you want to do a mix of both, like a franchise or network marketing business.

2. Where would you want to run this business from?

Think about whether you will need premises or if you can work from home.

3. When do you want to start this business?

If you already have a job, maybe you could build your new business alongside it for a while, or it could be you would  need to quit your job and work full time on your new business.

4. How will you finance it?

Sometimes it is easier to take a low cost start up opportunity  for your new business. However you also need to consider if you need a big investment, are you prepared to finance this business and/or if finance be available.


Step Two:


Yes, it’s really important. Choose someone who has been through the same business idea as you have and make sure that you learn from him/her.

A mentor helps you stay focused and can guide you through some pitfalls they had to overcome.  This insider knowledge could be the real making of your business.


Step Three:

Commit 100% to Personal & Business Growth

You must surround yourself with positive energy.

You will be working hard so the last thing you want is to have people depleting your excitement and drive.

Every day yo want to make sure you are better at something than you were the day before. Be persistent!

Understand where your shortcomings are and get out there and learn to overcome them. You are at the head of your new business so you need to lead from the front, regardless of if it’s just you or you and a team.


Step Four:

Build a Resource Network.

You won’t be able to do everything yourself, so check out your local networking group and get to know who offers what in your area.

Consider what you need to do to automate menial/time consuming tasks in your business. Outsource where ever you can.


Step Five:

Work on your business as well as in it!

People often forget to work on their business. This is very different to doing the daily tasks. It is about being more strategic.

It’s about looking at what’s going good and developing those areas and what’s going wrong and finding solutions in order to get the business running at a profit.

I recommend at lead one hour a day on this. Every day!

Also use this time to build a vision of tomorrow for your business and your life.