Crazy, Simple 5 Step Blogging Plan for Really Busy People

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Say you  own a local hairdressing salon, you may wonder why you would need a blog. I can understand that, but imagine if you adopted my five step social media plan and it worked. How many more people would drop by your salon without any advertising from you, just because they had read something good that you had written on your blog?

Yes, I can see if your clientel is over 65 ​years old, they may not be avid blog or social media readers, but in most cases I would say that you know you have or want to target younger clients and they will be surfing the net for sure!

Now what I have just said, doesn't only apply to hairdressers, it applies to all businesses.​ You could be a locksmith, a butcher, a baker, a music shop ... any business you can think of and the core principles are te same!

That's why I have written a simple 5 point plan to get your business online and developing you as an expert in your field.​

 My Five Point Plan for Any Local Business

1. Get a blog

2. Note down 52 topics you could write about to do with Hairdressing

3. Write a new blog post once a week

4. Get existing clients involved

5. Post about your blog-post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest​

STEP 1- Get a blog

You get a blog, brand it with your logo, salon colors etc.

You use WordPress because it's free but you will need to get hosting and a domain name.​

The domain name must be your business name or a very catchy name that descibes what you do!

​Step 2 - Write down 52 topics

Now take a couple of hours out to sit and jot down 52 different things you do on a daily basis or that you get asked about. I guess the frst few will be easy, then it'll get hard but drill down, these tasks, ideas, products and how to's will all form the plan for your blog posts.

Once you have the 52 titles and maybe a few to spare. Put your list somewhere safe and go back to it once a week and choose a title. ​

​Step 3 - Write a weekly Blog post

​Now you need to write a blog post each week. Remember we've taken the scary part away. You've got your heading. So now sit and write as much as you can about that heading. Go to visit other blogs and see what your competitors are doing. Take some photos with your phone or go to Pixabay and grab a few pictures. Remember don't just use any images as they could have a copyright licence. Pixabay and some Google images are licence free. 

You are going to need to do a bit of prep work but once that is done life should be pretty simple.​

Step 4 - Get your clients involved

This is where it's fun to get existing clients on board, maybe they'll let you have a photo or a short video of them using a product you sell. You can encourage them to head over to your blog or Facebook page, once that's set up.

Getting and showing interaction with your customers really does give you an edge when marketing your business.​

​Step 5 - Shout about Your Blog Post!

Post your blog posts everywhere you can. Suggest starting with a Facebook or Google+ page. You drop a link and a short description into a Facebook post and send your readers over to your blog to read the full post!​

That's it, in a nutshell. Now repeat from point 1 to 5 once a week.​

Obviously there's other things that you can do, but I wanted to start you out doing the most simple tasks. I wanted to show you that it's not as hard to start to build your business profile and expertise online.

​Now does that seem hard?


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Over the next few weeks I'll go deeper into blogging strategies that you can adopt once you are comfortable with the basics!

So happy blogging and if you want to read my posts as they are published then please do fill in the form below!​

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