5 Tips to Get Your Website Seen on Google

search engines

It’s a crazy idea – but it’s imperative for every business!

You must follow the search engine rules to get your business found on Google and other search platforms.

​The Google Machine (Bots) continually search for websites and when the find a website that has relevancy, it fits the criteria of a search term,  it is stored for future use.

So you need to make your sit relevant.

Because it is not humans that scour the sites, there is no opportunity to chat and persuade them that your site is relevant.

That’s why I’ve put 5 more tips together to help you improve the relevancy of your site.

  1. Ensure that you get your site ‘customer focused’. Give the reader an experience that makes them trust you. Most people don’t do this, they just sell or talk about themselves. Remember people want solutions first, next comes the trust.
  2. If you have online forms, describe them for the search bots or they’ll just skip them and possibly the rest of your site.
  3. Try not to block pages from the search bots, you may block them totally!
  4. Don’t sent mixed contextual messages. Be clear about what you are talking about and don”t don’t try to trick these bots, it’s not worth it.
  5. Stay up to date with Google’s criteria, it is always being updated. You need to be in the know. If not your thing get a professional to do it for you. But stay aware!