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Stop Social Media Meltdown

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Stop Social Media Meltdown

August 4, 2020 Tips & Hints 0

Do you sometimes feel that you have Social Media Meltdown?

Does it all seem a lot of hard work for a little return?

Setting up a social media campaign is undoubtedly a hard thing to do for many businesses just starting to promote their products and services online.

There are many adverts that profess to offer you a years supply of ideas or posts. Now although I’m sure they are good for ideas, please be warned….Your business is unique to you, people buy from you or your team, not someone that doesn’t know your business and actually, more importantly, probably doesn’t know what your client o customer is really looking for.

Do you get my point?

You, as a business owner need to be involved until you get successes and can systemise those successes. Then you can let go a bit.

So below is my five point strategy. There are other things to bear in mind but these are a good starting point.

 My 5 point Strategy for Social Media Success!

  1.  Focus on what your customer needs to know, their pain points. Now you all know what your customers ask on a regular basis, so start by answering those questions.
  2. Understand how many people prefer to watch videos or see images rather than reading a lot of text. So add video or explainer images where ever you can along with your text.
  3. Keep your writing clear and simple. Write as though your reader has never heard of the product or service you are writing about. Don’t use in house jargon.
  4. Encourage interaction where ever possible. Tell your readers what you’d like them to do. (In a nice way, of course!)
  5. Change your message on your Social Media covers regularly, people become blind to the same images. Also the cover images take up a lot of space ‘above the fold’ use it to get your readers to take action and to get a message across.

If you implement the above 5 points you’ll start to see some interaction. If you want to learn more then give us a shout.


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