5 Tips to Stop Social Media Meltdown,

plenty of images

Do you sometimes feel that you have Social Media Meltdown?

Does it all seem a lot of hard work for a little return?

I kplenty of imagesnow many of my clients feel that way, Social Media can be daunting, so I like to take the pressure off and do it for them.

Problem is, I only know when someone is struggling, if they tell me.

I do have a link that could help you: https://sueberry.com/freecovers

or you could send me a message but here’s my post for today:

 My 5 point Strategy for Social Media Success!

  1.  Focus on what your customer needs to know, their pain points. Now you all know what your customers ask on a regular basis, so start by answering those questions.
  2. Understand how many people prefer to watch videos or see images rather than reading a lot of text. So add video or explainer images where ever you can along with your text.
  3. Keep your writing clear and simple. Write as though your reader has never heard of the product or service you are writing about. Don’t use in house jargon.
  4. Encourage interaction where ever possible. Tell your readers what you’d like them to do. (In a nice way, of course!)
  5. Change your message on your Social Media covers regularly, people become blind to the same images. Also the cover images take up a lot of space ‘above the fold’ use it to get your readers to take action and to get a message across.

If you implement the above 5 [points you’ll start to see some interaction. If you want to learn more then give us a shout.

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