A Big Business Risk!

This could be a controversial article, but I need to say it, so here goes…

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I will tell you something that web developers often forget to explain.  

Common practice in the past, it is now in decline.  

What could lose you your online brand identity and sales

Several of my clients will tell you they now wished they had taken more interest in the building of their business website.

It took a scary wake up call before they realised this. They ignored any real involvement when getting a website built for their business. This was a decision to risk the future of their business!

Nowadays we are all busy, but knowing the fundamentals of keeping a website is the same as your taxes, you must take ownership!

You may consider me to be overdramatic. 

Can I ask you to imagine the following scenario?


You have a thriving online  business with good daily sales and a big smile on your face and then…

WHAM… your sales stop dead, you can’t find your website.

All you get is an error message telling to contact your hosting provider. 

Think about it…

What would you do? 

It gets worse.  You realise the person who set up your website has retired and moved away and he didn’t renew your domain!

He has also caused further problems by having registered the domain in his own name. Because he did this, you will have a wait of several month’s until anyone else can buy it.

You can research and find the company that supplied the domain and ask to buy it, but that might cost you extra money.

So what happens whilst you sort the matter out?


Your Business now goes to a competitor and you can’t stop it!

This really happens and I’ve many examples of small businesses falling prey to this issue.

What can you do to safeguard your business?

You can start by checking that you Own Your Domain Name.

Contact the person who bought the domain name for you and make sure they had registered in your name.

Read the paperwork yourself to prove that you own your Domain!

If you’re starting out, picture how you might react if this happened to you. 

I imagine it would impact both your life and business.

Not a good situation for anyone!

So, take charge of your domains and register them in your name and keep the account details and passwords safe.

If it helps, use the company I have used for years. They’re helpful, reliable and well priced. 

Sue Berry

If something similar has happened to you. Please let us know as it will help our readers understand the problems that they may face.

As a recap:

It is vital for you to own your domains. 

Buy them yourself or make sure they register your domain in your name to avoid any nightmares.

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