A Second Set of Eyes

You Need a second set of eyes for your Marketing Insights2

Someone to keep track of your marketing efforts or even lack of them is vital to businesses today!

These eyes allow you as a business owner to receive crucial information about your digital marketing that we might not receive easily from elsewhere. The addition of  these second set of eyes will make all your time and effort worthwhile.

They provide consistent reporting and analysis of traffic data from your website.

Many of us are paralyzed by the amount of data analytics offer, which is why it is of vital importance to have someone that can take care of this for you. These eyes can interpret data into insight and convert that insight into actionable marketing tasks.

Some of the categories of information that you will able to receive is as follows:


Find out their activity, lifetime value to your company, what device they used to view your website, the demographics of each customer, and their interest in your company.


Find out how they landed on your website, where they came from and what campaigns drove them there.


Find out what your visitors are doing on your website, the pages they are visiting, how long they stay, and the last pages they are visiting before bouncing off your website.


Find out the actions done by your visitors based on the types of conversions that you define.

Conversions can be defined as: making a sale, the download of a file, a filled out contact form on your website or one of many other actions that positively impact your business.

Now the question is, can you afford not to have a second set of eyes?  Maybe, just maybe, you’ve stumbled on our total solution as a second set of eyes for a reason!

We can help you in every way possible, be it building a website, setting up Google Analytics, or helping you interpret the data that you are receiving, we are here!

Contact us today to get started!

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