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Sue Berry is a renowned and respected business leader, originally based in the UK. Having gained experiences across many commercial and charitable sectors, Sue is now looking to support businesses in her new home of Playa Blanca and Lanzarote.

As Business Woman of the Year Runner-up (2008), in Wales, Sue accepted the accreditation as an accolade of her years of innovative and forward thinking business strategising.Being a dedicated lifetime learner, Sue kept fully apace of all new corporate concepts, merging and scaling them into strategies that worked for small to medium businesses, impacting positively on their opportunity for growth.

Since relocating to Lanzarote in 2013, Sue has dedicated her time to honing her online business marketing expertise and has an industry leading in-depth understanding of how social media (and the internet) can be used to best effect when promoting local business, and for new lead generation.

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I aim to focus on helping you to resolve the daily problems or questions you have about getting your business online successfully and improving systems offline. I can to help move you forward in your business with GDPR, Health & Safety, Systemisation Strategies and methods. Whether it is finding the right plugin, understanding systems, saving time, social media activities and so much more. If you have a something you need to resolve - just ask!

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Here's some of my PDF's that cover some of the regular topics and if you need some other help - feel free to contact me!