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Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in becoming an Amazon Affiliate Marketer?

It seems to be the perfect way to make money without having to spend a ton of it to get results.

I like Amazon as an affiliate Marketing platform because Amazon just know how to sell and resell over and over again.

Being an affiliate of their's, means you can actually benefit from their skills and massive marketing budget and trusted name.

I have a lot of different softwares that I can use to build affiliate sites and I'm sure you've seen the offers of the next 'big Amazon theme' or 'automated plugin​'

Now I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't give these a try, but I first wanted you to know all there is to know about the opportunities of being an affiliate marketer with Amazon​.

So I have decided to share a blog with you by a young guy I know called Rohit Palit​.

He's written a really comprehensive guide about how he makes money with Amazon that I know you'll be able to use over and over again.

Now before you shout at me let me explain, when you head over to read his guide, he'll be talking about building the site to sell. But even if you don't want to do that, you need to know the basics he has in this guide, so I'm not sending you somewhere you think you shouldn't be. You should be - honest!

Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Now this guide is reallly comprehensive and takes time to digest it all so for some of you newbies, I've also added a link to a youtube video that I love as a quick way to understand amazon affiliate marketing. 

Watch this video it's by Jay 'Bad Ass' Stoner and then head straight over to Rohit's Site and grab his guide.

Make sure to bookmark Rohit's site as you may need to keep going back to it! 

I won't mind if you bookmark my site too! HaHa

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