Are You Really Generating Enough Website Traffic to Generate a Healthy Return

customer first website plan

customer first website plan

GOOGLE is King or is IT?

When you think about your business, I guess the general thinking is: ‘my website will bring me all of the customers that I need’.

There’s no need to do anything with the site as Google’s so good it will do it all for me! ‘Oh if only!’

Well that was true a few years ago but there are thousands of sites being launched daily, that you have to now understand a few important things to ensure:

  • Google knows your site is there
  • Google trusts your site
  • Google knows your site has the information that their searcher wants to see
  • Google knows your site loads quickly
  • Google knows its searchers will have a good experience even when using a tiny phone screen

So what do I advise?

Understand the reality, a website doesn’t build a business – hard work promoting it does!

I recommend the following starter actions:

  • Set up a Google account and ensure you set up all parts of this account. Google My Business, Google Adwords, Google Analytics.
  • Add Google code to your website
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your perfect customer and build the site around them
  • Ensure your site loads quickly, eliminate slideshows etc. make the site clean, and streamlined
  • Make it mobile friendly – this is now the Google Biggie!

So if you want a bit more info about your site, why not get my site audit report – it’s free!

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