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Backing up your Website is Vital!

Why is backing up our site deemed as a chore instead of a must?

backing up a website

You've spent hours and a ton of money building a website and then you don't take that last little step to make sure it is backed up at least a couple of times a day.

This morning I woke up to find that my site was not appearing as it should do, something had gone very wrong!

And yes, I panicked...
What had gone wrong? 
What can I do to put it right?
How much will it cost?
Do I really know enough to solve this myself?

​I then remembered that I had installed a backup. It was  a free version of a WordPress plugin called Updraftplus and I had set it to save a copy of my site to my Amazon S3 account twice a day.

What relief!

Then another panic set in...

How do I restore it?
Will I totally trash everything if I try to use it? 

But I can now tell you how easy it really is!

​Here's what I did...

I went into my wordpress admin panel

admin panel

​Clicked on Updraftplus

restore files


restore theme

At this point, I felt a bit nervous but I chose the oldest backup, which was yesterday morning. I did this because i knew my site was okay then. 

I clicked on the restore button and got the following screen.
restore themes

​Because the problem I had, appeared to be a broken theme, I started by checking the box to restore the themes first. My thinking was that if that didn't work, I'd try the database.

Enter your text here...

Anyway, although i can't show you the result, I can say that after a short wait for the plugin to work, I went to my home screen an SUCCESS the site was back working well again.

I'm one happy lady!

​After performing this restore successfully, I just had to write a post and urge you to backup your sites.  Bear in mind that if you need a hand setting it up I can do it for you for $30. Just private message me on my facebook page

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