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The Power of Sniply marketing tool! I am always on the look out for tools that help me to build my business. This is one that I think has potential. It allows you to send people to a popular site and then add a call to action that pops up over a web page. So why do I

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Sue Berry -5 Tips I use To Keep Me Motivated

5 Tips I Use To Stay Motivated

A lot of my clients find it hard to keep themselves motivated and strong every day in order to work on their business. I recommend you find between 3-5 habits that will help you overcome these feelings. Don’t feel as though you’re on your own. Most people find themselves feeling this way at some point

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Happy or Sad, your choice

Coping with a Challenge

Coping Strategies What kind of personality do you have. Do you ever think about it? Many people block themselves from success without realising. Is this something that you might do? Do you worry that you are not able to do something, when, if you were honest with yourself, you probably could overcome that challenge fairly

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A Big Business Risk!

Don’t Risk Losing Your Online Brand Identity! This could be a controversial article, but I need to say it, so here goes… I will tell you something that web developers often forget to explain.   Common practice in the past, it is now in decline.   What could lose you your online brand identity and sales Several of

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bakery - promo republic

Social Media Marketing on Steroids

Make it Easier for Yourself Your day is usually so busy that probably posting to social media seems the last thing on your mind.  But what if you could find a tool that’s relatively easy to use, gives you great ideas and you can post to a timetable that suits your business? I use it

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Affiliate Marketing Made Easier!

How to Build Your Affiliate Business Do you keep hearing about affiliate marketing? Maybe you’ve been told that you can make some good money from it but don’t know how to start. Earn Affiliate Commissions! Affiliate Marketing is the method of promoting a product or service, in order to receive commission from the business for

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Updraftplus Back up Software

UpdraftPlus for Site Back-ups…

UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of website back-ups and restoration for over a million users. Get UpdraftPlus Why I like and use UpdraftPlus:  Every website owner needs to protect their website/blog from bad plugins, server crashes, security hacks and even user error.  Backing up your website, daily or is paramount.

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Choosing Your Hosting & Website

New Books on Amazon

Choosing Your Hosting & Website… I’m offering my new Amazon ebook ‘Choosing Your Hosting & Website’  free for 7 days from tonight! If you’re about to get a website built, just take a look at my advice before you proceed. It could safe you a lot of hassle in the future! It’s on Amazon… Choosing

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cyber monday deals

Cyber Monday Deals

  Cyber Monday – Save up to 98% on Domains, Hosting and SSL with Namecheap! Related Posts:One Step at a Time Strategy10 Ways to Reduce Your Website Bounce RateFirst Plugins for a New WordPress Site

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WordPress Plugins

First Plugins for a New WordPress Site

Your New WordPress Site. So, now that you’ve set up your new wordpress site, what’s next? There are so many things that you need to do, but firstly I would recommend that you ensure that you know how to make your site Secure, SEO friendly and Unique. I use many plugins (safe one’s of course)

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search engines

5 Tips to Get Your Website Seen on Google

It’s a crazy idea – but it’s imperative for every business! You must follow the search engine rules to get your business found on Google and other search platforms. ​The Google Machine (Bots) continually search for websites and when the find a website that has relevancy, it fits the criteria of a search term,  it

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bounce rate

10 Ways to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

Today I want to talk to you about bounce rate.So has bounce rate got a better name? Possibly ‘User Engagement’, You see Google determines the bounce rate this way:A visitor arrives at your web page, they may stay a while but they do not take any further action. Because of this you get a high bounce

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one step

One Step at a Time Strategy

I love the one step at a time approach when it comes to businesses wanting to market themselves online. My view is if you take one step at a time, you will understand the nuances and necessary actions that makes each different social media platform tick. You don’t want to be wasting valuable time struggling

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website audit -

Business Website Audit Service

Is Your Website is Working Well in the Background?   When you get your website up and running, how do you know that it is performing to the standards that we need nowadays? What evidence are you given and does it really tell you anything?​ Chances are, you know nothing about your site and take

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HTTPS versus HTTP?

From January 2017 Google Chrome started marking sites without HTTPS as unsecure. So it’s got to be HTTPS everytime! Now I’m sure this will take a little while to roll out but when it reaches your site, just what are the consequences to your business? We’re near to the middle of the year and I’m

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plenty of images

Social Media Marketing Strategies and Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social networking site around and millions upon millions of people use it daily. This means there is a good opportunity for networking. However, when it comes to social media marketing and Facebook, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. Some of these tips will be discussed below. 1. Use

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Simple Twitter Strategies For Business

Simple Twitter Strategies There are lots of positives for a business to use Twitter for their business Twitter is one of the leading social networking platforms with approximately 100 million user logins every day. This makes it one of the best platforms to tap traffic, as well as advertise products and services using its hashtag

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Missinglettr -Automate Social Media Marketing to save you time!

Missinglettr Seeks To Help Site Owners Automate Parts of their Social Media Marketing   If you don’t want to hire a social media manager, you want to do it yourself,  I may have found a tool for you. It should save some time for you. So what do you do for your business when it comes to social

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plenty of images

5 Tips to Stop Social Media Meltdown,

Do you sometimes feel that you have Social Media Meltdown? Does it all seem a lot of hard work for a little return? I know many of my clients feel that way, Social Media can be daunting, so I like to take the pressure off and do it for them. Problem is, I only know

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stay on site longer

How to Attract Visitors that Will Love Your Website

Every Small Business Needs More Visitors to their Website. Small Businesses need to think about delighting their customers as they arrive at their website. They also need to delight the Google Bots! Perhaps you’ve not heard of the Google Bots.  They are the machines that trawl the millions of websites to find the most relevant

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5 Essential Website Checks, You As a Business Owner Need To Do!

I’d like to thank Tony Grant, who I frequently work with, for contributing this article, it is always great to bring you good quality content from my very experienced friends and contacts. Tony is no exception to this and his message is really important for businesses. 5 Essential Website Checks For All Business Owners by

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Venngage – design your own infographics!

Venngage – a fab infographic tool that’s so easy to use! I came across this great infographics software the other day and thought you might like to know about it. It’s a fantastic tool for building your own marketing materials. I think every small business should use it and the starter plan is free. So

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Mobile Review of Commission Gorilla

Commission Gorilla Review Take a Look at This It’s One of My Favourite Tools This Year!     So Just What is Commission Gorilla? It’s a complete Affiliate Promotion System (Saas) that will help you to get the most out of your promotions across any of the affiliate networks or platforms you use. This software

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