website audit -
July 2, 2017

Business Website Audit Service

By Sue Berry

Is Your Website is Working Well in the Background?


website audit -

When you get your website up and running, how do you know that it is performing to the standards that we need nowadays?

What evidence are you given and does it really tell you anything?​

Chances are, you know nothing about your site and take it that everything is fine.

But there are checks that you can do.

There are certain things to ensure work well and below is a list of things that I think you need to validate:

  • Your site is using SSL, https not http – see more here
  • Your site is mobile friendly
  • Your images are compressed
  • You have some security on your site and a firewall.

​There are some other checks too but the above are really important.

If you want a check to determine if you have the above, I do offer a service that will help.  It’s cheap and relatively quick to set up, but the best thing is that you’ll know that your site is set up in the right way.

Just message me: [email protected] and I will send you the details.