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New Books on Amazon

Choosing Your Hosting & Website

Choosing Your Hosting & Website…I’m offering my new Amazon ebook ‘Choosing Your Hosting & Website’  free for 7 days from tonight! If you’re about to get a website built, just take a look at my advice before you proceed. It could safe you a lot of hassle in the future! It’s on Amazon… Choosing Your Hosting & …

5 Tips to Get Your Website Seen on Google

search engines

It’s a crazy idea – but it’s imperative for every business! You must follow the search engine rules to get your business found on Google and other search platforms.​ The Google Machine (Bots) continually search for websites and when the find a website that has relevancy, it fits the criteria of a search term,  it is stored …

10 Ways to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

bounce rate

Today I want to talk to you about bounce rate.So has bounce rate got a better name? Possibly ‘User Engagement’, You see Google determines the bounce rate this way:A visitor arrives at your web page, they may stay a while but they do not take any further action. Because of this you get a high bounce …

One Step at a Time Strategy

one step

I love the one step at a time approach when it comes to businesses wanting to market themselves online. My view is if you take one step at a time, you will understand the nuances and necessary actions that makes each different social media platform tick. You don’t want to be wasting valuable time struggling to get …