Coping with a Challenge

Happy or Sad, your choice

Coping Strategies

What kind of personality do you have. Do you ever think about it?

Many people block themselves from success without realising.

Is this something that you might do? Do you worry that you are not able to do something, when, if you were honest with yourself, you probably could overcome that challenge fairly easily.

As we grow up the beliefs of those around us, our parents and family members, stick in our minds and often prevent us from reaching our full potential.

You’ve possibly heard the saying ‘Is your glass half full or half empty?

Mine is almost always half full! I am positive 95% of the time. If I feel I need to do something challenging (which is very often!), I will always tell myself that I can do it!

I never worry about failure because in my eyes a failure is just a trial run and the next time I try, I will have learned from it. I do my very best and if something fails, I know that I can still hold my head up high!

In general though, people analyse the situation and determine what the good and bad outcomes might be. They talk themselves out of doing anything new, just in case something goes wrong.

Are you like me or do you worry about things to the point you won’t take action?

Happy or Sad, your choice

If a slight worry comes into my head, I make myself stop and I run through how I can overcome that worry.

I say something to myself like ‘Okay, so somethings not working here. What is the best action that I can take to things work and get back on track?’ 

This is the point where I either sit down and jot down all of my barriers to achieving the task and put down possible solutions or I completely change my mindset by going for a brisk walk to clear my head.

When I return from this walk, I feel so much better and usually find the soution. But I never just ignore my problems. Addressing each problem as it arises makes a person stronger and more empowered!

Giving yourself the chance to be distant from a problem can often give your brain the time to organise its thoughts and open you up to alternative solutions.

Another tactic that I use, is to share the problem with someone I  trust. I only talk to them in a positive up-beat way in order to get a different perspective on the problem. I’m not looking for sympathy or negative reactions.

As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Why don’t you try my tactics if you start to feel a bit overwhelmed and let me know how you got on.

Sue Berry

Below is a video about my very best challenge. Some people would give me negative vibes but I’m so pleased that I ignored them!