Partner With Anthony
March 3, 2020

Day One – Learning Affiliate Marketing

By Sue Berry

Today is my Day 1 of the 30 day course and here are the things that I learned about:

  • Welcome from Anthony
  • How to get around the platform
  • Why people fail
  • Access to a Success Connection Webinar
The reason that I joined this course was 3-fold,
  1. To determine whether the course was good enough to share with my followers
  2. To see whether I could learn anything because I have done affiliate marketing for well over 10 years
  3. To understand the course enough to share my feelings with you.

Day 1: 

I felt like anyone first starting a training course. I was excited to learn something that would help me earn more money that I have been doing through affiliate marketing.

What I was told was exactly what I tell people.

Don’t expect to build a business for free but do realise that affiliate marketing can be a really cheap way of making money.

You have to work at it. It was explained to me about the reasons for my being able to only access one session in any 24 hour period.

I took his reasoning on board and hopefully it will be good, as I can complete all of the tasks that are set each day.

Am I happy with today’s session?

Yes it’s a bit slower than I expected but I can really think about the things Anthony taught me and prepare myself for success.

Tomorrow is Day 2, so look out for what I found out.

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