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Done for You Social Media

Social Media Marketing for Business Package

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As a business it can be hard to get every task done and social media is one of those much needed activities but it can also take you loads of time to do. A better way is to sub it out to a professional. I realised that with my business skillls and knowledge of social media, I could offer bespoke services to ensure businesses see success from their online activities.

So I put together a very special package that will enable you to grow your business online whilst concentrating more on the things you actually do best and leaving the online stuff to me!

Here’s what you get:

  • A Set of Social Media Cover Images, up to 4 sets per year.
  • Research on your competitors
  • Research on your keywords
  • A blog post monthly
  • A monthly schedule of posting
  • At least 3 social media posts per week
  • More interactions – likes, comments and shares
  • Sign-ups to relevant directories, groups and forums
  • A month end report to see the progress

Everything is linked up to give you the best results from Google.

This strategy will start to build your Google Ranking to get your business ahead of your competitors.

First month is mainly research and setting up of accounts.

Cost from $200 per month due in advance.

What I need From You:

  1. Access to your Social Media Accounts
  2. WordPress Login Details
  3. Any images I can use
  4. Any text I can use

Advisable Advertising:

social media for businessA budget for Facebook Marketing (I recommend a minimum of  $50 preferably as much as you can afford)

Facebook marketing can be extremely cost effective but it is like anything, you need to invest to ensure a good return on investment



This is a ‘done for you service’ you can still post and do any social media activities that you wish to. I give you access to the software I use.

What I will be doing is to build you an effective online presence that will ensure you get found in a prominent position online with as many search terms as possible.

The first month is mainly set-up and subsequent months will show marked results that ensure that you get found above your competitors.

This is a long-term process but you can cancel at any time!

If you cancel, I hold the rights to the designs i have submitted on your behalf. But other than that there are no catches.