Why Should I ‘Google My Business’

'Google My Business' had a name change some while back, it started out as Google Local.

It's not the name that matters but what it does to help businesses, that should catch your attention!


Google My Business

So, Is Your Business Listed?

Let's take a look at why I think it is so important for you to list your business correctly:

Google want to be the best search engine in the world. In fact I'm sure they already are that, but to keep their customers, they need to provide the best experience possible when a search is made.

They want to be great and to get there they need you to be great too! 

They have provided you with a free service that, if you spend a bit of time and thought, you can have an opportunity to beat your competitors and get listed at the top of the search page!

So why do so many businesses believe it's not worth the effort? 

It's beyond me, but yes they do think that and because of it, they're losing sales every day!

Here's my top 3 reasons why you should be on 'Google My Business'

  • Be Found Easily

  • Be Legitimate
  • Connect With Potential Customers

Be Found Easily

When a person searches for a business, they will usually be looking on their phone and want to find a business that can help them out asap. Being the first business listed with your phone number at the ready means you will more often than not, get first call!

This is where the way you construct your listing is really important.  Give accurate information, use a consistent message that will link well with everything that you do online, such as your website and Facebook.

Ensure you are in the right business category and use the exact search terms that potential customers would use to search for your business. Use these terms in your description without it looking spammy.

Add images as this is very important to make your listing memorable and unique. If you have a videos consider adding that too. Although Google have a set template, do try to incorporate your branding where ever possible. Colors and logos play a big part in the minds of any visitors to your listing.

Also the Google My Business map gives them instant instructions on how to get to your business. So if they don't call, they will usually turn up! 

Don't let this potential customer slip through your fingers. 

Be Legitimate

Google will promote your business for free if you give them the information they need. All they ask is that they can confirm you are a legitimate business. No big deal for most businesses!

Giving this information and getting to the top of Google should be you main priority. Think about it...

If a potential customer searches for your service/product on a phone, do they want to be scrolling down and struggling to see a good business to use? No. If you get the right information in front of them easily. You'll be the business to get the call!

Connect with Your Customers

Google may find your business without you doing a thing, but they won't know what your business is about. When someone searches and finds your business listing. 

If it is incomplete or doesn't sell your service effectively, you have just lost business to a competitor - It's that simple!

Also if you don't claim the listing, it looks bad for your business. It looks as though you don't really care. If you don't care what is shown online about your business, why should you care about your customers? Well that's the impression you will be giving.

I'm not going to write about how to set it up because Google help you every step of the way but if you do have a problem, give me a shout on my Facebook Group 

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