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February 26, 2017

How to Attract Visitors that Will Love Your Website

By Sue Berry

Every Small Business Needs More Visitors to their Website.

Small Businesses need to think about delighting their customers as they arrive at their website. They also need to delight the Google Bots!

stay on site longerPerhaps you’ve not heard of the Google Bots.  They are the machines that trawl the millions of websites to find the most relevant one when a search is made.
They try their best to show only relevant sites to their customers.

Google’s customers are potentially your customers too!

If you don’t set out your website in a way that informs these visitors, Google may not show your site again.

The Google Bots are looking for the following indicators:

  • Relevancy – this is determined by the keywords searchers use and the length of time someone stays on your site
  • Design – this is about how easy people find the information they are looking for.
  • Branding – Does your business show up on other recognised platforms such as Facebook, reputable websites and does it appear to offer consistent information.
  • Clarity – How easy is it to understand your business offer.
  • Interaction – How you make people interact with your site.

If you can get people to stay a while and find the information they need, the Google Bots will love you and show your business website over and over again!

This will be a huge benefit to your business!

So here are a few pointers:

Make your site easy to use.

  • Make it fast loading
  • Make it mobile friendly
  • Have plenty of white space for easy reading
  • Have a phone number that they can call you on.

Have Good Quality Content.

  • Ensure your content solve your buyers needs and pain points
  • Write articles that are relevant to your products
  • Build a story or a drama into everything you write.
  • Use clear and concise text that is easily ‘scannable’ by busy people
  • Highlight some of your best content

Get People to Take Action.

Get your site visitors to read what you want them to read and in the order you want, then make them do something

  • Get them to sign up for a valuable free offer
  • Get them to go to another interesting article on your site.
  • Get them to chat to you via a chat box
  • Invite them to leave a comment
  • Invite them to phone or email you
  • Get them to click on your links, both internal and external.
  • Make external links open in a new tab so that they can come back to your site
  • Make internal links go to a page where they can buy from you or at least learn more.

Whatever it is, you need to keep people on your site for longer. The longer , the better.

Bear in mind, you need to tell people what to do, every step of the way!