May 28, 2017

HTTPS versus HTTP?

By Sue Berry

https image

From January 2017 Google Chrome started marking sites without HTTPS as unsecure.

So it’s got to be HTTPS everytime!

Now I’m sure this will take a little while to roll out but when it reaches your site, just what are the consequences to your business?

We’re near to the middle of the year and I’m starting to come across these sites, so you really need to sit up and take notice!

HTTP is seen as an unsecure protocol. HTTPS is seen as secure.

​HTTPS Offers Three Layers of Protection:

  1. ​1. It encrypts your data
  1. ​2. It stops data being modified
  1. ​3. It proves you are who you say you are, stopping ‘middlemen/phishing’

HTTPS – that little ‘S’ is the difference between your site being seen as secure and being unsafe.

Google are starting to rank sites with HTTPS higher than those that have just HTTP. So you might never see a first page ranking in the future unless you have HTTPS.​

Could not having this little ‘S’ (https) lose you customers?

https versus http

Can I ask how you think your customers will react when they arrive on your site only to see it is marked as unsecure?

Will they continue on and buy from you or will they find your competitors site that is secure and buy from them?

More importantly if they leave, then you address the issue, will they ever come back?

Only you can tell yourself that it’s important, honestly, I can just hope that you will take my proposed 3 steps to rectifying the problem.

So here’s my 3 Step Plan for you if you have a WordPress site:

Install the following WP plugins:

The plugins are quite easy to install. Just follow the instructions.

The last one is about ensuring you remember to link your site to Google analytics as Google will see it as a new website.

Remember: head over to Google Analytics and add your new details.

The only downside of converting your site to HTTPS as I can see, is that you’ll lose the continuity of any stats but you will soon get those working again as the days go by.

If you need any help to do it or want it done for you, just contact me.

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