Sue Berry -5 Tips I use To Keep Me Motivated
December 7, 2019


By Sue Berry

A lot of my clients find it hard to keep themselves motivated and strong every day in order to work on their business. I recommend you decide to make sure you focus on just 3-5 habits every single day.

Doing this will give you that sense of control that will help you overcome these feelings. We all have different habits but the five at the bottom of the page are mine.

Try not to feel as though you’re on your own. Most people find themselves feeling this way at some point in their business life. At times when I started out, I would feel like I was drowning in tasks and problems. I knew that I had to find a different way!

I reached out to a local networking club and became good at networking, this helped me to build relationships that are now invaluable to me. I did this by attending regularly and giving as much help as I could to others.

If you feel that your motivation is vanishing at the moment because you are so overwhelmed with your workload, why not sit down and write down everything you need to do on a piece of paper.

  1. Next get a clean sheet and write down the most urgent task at top of the page.
  2. Now write down all of the steps you need to take to complete that task.
  3. Who can help you to complete some of the tasks?
  4. How long will each step take – note it down.
  5. Set a date and time to have each task completed by, then promise yourself you will stick to it!
  6. Now grab your diary and allocate time for each task.
  7. Put a big tick by the tasks as you complete them. This feels so good!

Repeat the exercise again with 4 more tasks. Once you complete these five tasks, go to your list of tasks and take the next 5 tasks.

Give yourself an hour each morning to complete as many quick tasks as you can and strike them off the list. Remember that you then must spend the rest of your time on the 5 most urgent tasks.

Maybe you have been lucky and found your own way to keep motivated but here’s my 5 Top Ways for keeping myself motivated and focused if you need some ideas.

Try my method, I’m sure it will help you too!  

  • Everyday I do the 3 most important tasks first.
  • I tell myself to enjoy the day and all of it’s challenges and successes.
  • I smile, even if I don’t feel like it!
  • I spend an hour a day on quick hits, then I remind myself of my long term goal and work on my five urgent tasks..
  • I look around me and tell myself how lucky I am to live on a beautiful island!