March 23, 2017

Missinglettr -Automate Social Media Marketing to save you time!

By Sue Berry

Missinmissinglettrglettr Seeks To Help Site Owners Automate Parts of their Social Media Marketing


If you don’t want to hire a social media manager, you want to do it yourself,  I may have found a tool for you. It should save some time for you.

So what do you do for your business when it comes to social media marketing?

Perhaps you’re a hands-on person and really work hard to manage your social media accounts. But unfortunately there is so much to do. 

People who are running a business either need a social media manager or help in some other way.

There are automated social media tools that help site owners automate the social media marketing process.

Missinglettr can automate social media marketing in a cost efficient way that will help you for an entire year. Now does that sound like a plan to you?

A campaign runs for you on autopilot, tailored to automate the marketing process based on relevant social media content that your visitors want to see. All you need is a blog for your online site.social media help

Of course you’re going to need your blog, site and social media all linked together. Missinglettr is going to take a look at the content you post on your blog next, and they are going to have social content created for you.

All you do is make sure it’s what you want to happen and you’re going to have a great social media marketing campaign running for you in the background, long after you’ve moved on to other things.

This automated social media marketing is something that can happen for each post you make on your blog.

You have the chance to approve it prior to starting a campaign, which means you can pick and choose when you want them to promote your content. You want to be consistent, so remember that you need to be promoting each post on social media whether you do it or they do it.

How much of a social presence could you now have with automated marketing help?