January 5, 2021

My Struggle with Network Marketing!

By Sue Berry

I want to share my story with you. Not for it to be a negative post but for it to be a real positive reason for you to think about joining a network marketing company.

Network marketing, has a huge place in the world economy. It is a fantastic way to have a business that is based from home and it can either be a full time job or a side hustle!

It is a way of having a low cost start up business. But please note: That doesn’t mean there’s no investment needed.

All businesses need investment to build momentum. But if you join the right company, you will get the training so that side of it all falls into place. You’ll understand how to spend to make money not how to spend to lose it!

Anyway, more about me, as I’m who this post is about haha. I want to tell you about my struggle to get my network marketing ventures, yes several different ventures, off the ground. My struggle to earn money and how I now know what I did wrong. Because I finally cracked the code!

Starting Out in Network Marketing

So, I’m about 19 with a young child, I’ve just move to a new area and more than anything I want my own business. I always have wanted it, but i never found out how to go about it. Girls, in those days, were brought up to believe they were home makers not business owners!

I just knew in my heart that there was a different way. My life needed a challenge.

Some lady approaches me one day when I’m waiting outside of my daughter’s toddler group. She tells me about Oriflame. Immediately, I wanted to be part of it. I loved all cosmetics and secretly always wanted to be able to afford the best I could as I always thought that quality products would look after my skin.

Manifest Your Success in 2021

My new team leader was great, she taught me how to apply makeup, she explained the products and when she thought she had told me everything, I was sent out into the big bad world to organise a home party.

Well, the first party was at my home, it went okay. I had a few sales. Unfortunately after my home party I found that it was so hard to arrange subsequent parties.

Soon after I just gave up trying. It was a shame because I really loved the products. It was obvious that at that point in time, I was not fully equipped to build a business.

My knowledge base was limited and my personal confidence was also not as it needs to be.

What I needed was some hand holding to get my first bookings, I needed to watch a pro in action. But my leader wasn’t a real leader. Not her fault at all, she was just like me but one step ahead.

A few years later I tried again with Jafra, again cosmetics, again I lasted a few weeks and spent a fortune! But the spark was still there!

This theme went on in my 20’s 30’s, 40’s and 50’s!

True and crazy!

The network marketing opportunities that tempted me were Kleeneze, Amway, Avon, Body Shop, Virgin Vie, and probably some others I’ve forgotten about…I even went back to Oriflame..

Still Dreaming...

Over 40 or more years my career blossomed, my day job as it were. I’ve had many fabulous jobs and businesses.

My career blossomed in my 30’s and I rarely looked back.

Starting a Business is Easy in 2021

Being the hard working, determined person I am, I was able to earn well and be really happy with my career.

However, I always wanted to be involved in Network Marketing so there was a niggly sense of failure and I was determined to get rid of it.

Deep down I knew that I could make it work. I needed to prove that I can make more than a few pounds here and there.

Body Shop was possibly my most successful network marketing venture because I did events for the mum’s of the local school children and donated prizes to the scholl.

That worked really well. My time with Virgin Vie taught me the value of being at events like Wedding Exhibitions.

But the theme throughout was that my immediate upline managers never really knew much more than me. They were usually recruited and left quickly, just like me.

That is not what this business is about but I didn’t know that then.

What I did know. was that I was missing the vital ingredients to have a successful network marketing business.

A Big Lifechanger...

We decided to make a lifestyle change and moved from the UK to a small Spanish Island and after a few weeks I realised that needed to keep myself occupied so I went back to Oriflame in a hope to build that illusive network marketing business. I had a lot of business knowledge, I knew how to market myself, I loved the products but could I get my new business off the ground? No not at all. I blamed it on the fact everything arrived in Spanish andI couldn’t speak the languuage and also deliveries were on Spanish Manana time too! I also blamed the fact that I knew so few people on the island, again not true. It wasn’t them, it was me, I now wasn’t open to learning about the company in a way that I should.  That said, I didn’t know then that you can ask questions and get help from anyone in the company. Perhaps I needed to be a team player, well I knew I definitely was one but where were the teams, I never found them. But I guess I never looked either.

I reflected on what I was doing wrong and started to believe I just needed to forget my lifelong dream to be a successful network marketer.

Dreams do happen...

Out of the blue I was offered a chance to do some part-time work for a woman in the same village as me. I found out that she was a top earner in her chosen Network Marketing business. My goodness, had I drawn the lucky card!

If I couldn’t make it work now I never would. Every morning I spent working for her and every other part of my day, I started building up my business in the same company as she was in. It was unbelievable. My own true network marketing mentor and for free! I soon learned the things you need to do and became a manager in a few months. Month on month my earnings grew and what I found was that excitement of building my team, loving seeing them build their businesses too. I love passing on everything that I have learned.

In my case success took 40 years. I can now show you a quicker way.

But I will say, that for anyone to succeed in this world, you need to be open to learning, love to share and help people, be determined to win and also ignore all negativity that may come your way.

I will help you build any confidence and knowledge that you need in order for you to grow a business.