Google Maps
August 1, 2020

Optimising for Local Business Search

By Sue Berry

Have you optimised your business for Google’s local search engines?

Ignoring this could well mean you lose sales because potential customers can’t find you on Google.

I’ve been explaining the importance of this for over 10 years now.  I find it so surprising how many businesses still don’t do it!

Pin Point your business on Google

Today I want to give you two of my favourite tips to increase the chances of getting people to your website (your online shop front)

1. Google My Business

2. Google Maps

Let’s start with Google My Business:

This is a free service that enables you to show case your products and services, it’s main aim is for Google to be able to verify your business to it’s users. Google strives to get the right information first time for it’s users.

So anyone who has placed their business details on the Google My Business platform, stands a higher chance of being shown to local searchers. This in turn means that if you don’t tell Google who you are and what you do, they will most likely not show your business as often as someone who has gone that extra mile and supported Google!

Now to Google Maps:

If you have a local customer base, I would highly recommend that you add a map to your website. Put it on the contact page. Google did sometime ago make some changes to the way they allow you to add maps. You will need to go and register. It can sometimes be a bit hit and miss when trying to get it to work. Out of over 100 sites, I have had one failure, not too bad a stat, but for me it’s one more than I would have liked! So I would highly recommend getting expert help if you are unsure.

People like to check where they need to go to get to your premises and google like to show your business off on their map. Because of this it is a real win for you. It also gives trust to new searchers.

Let’s Wrap Up: 

These two tips are free, and they give you the chance of getting your business on the top of Google for the search terms you stipulate.

People tend to click on the first Google listing they see. If you can get yourself in that position, imagine how many more people will take note of your business. A no-brainer in my eyes!

One caveat though; because Google likes fresh information to show their searchers, you will need to remember to diarise a weekly or monthly update.  Nothing too onerous but worth doing.

If you need any help message me!