Should I Work from Home?

I joined the company at the beginning of this year and have worked hard too get to know exactly what the company can offer it’s business owners and have been able to get myself through their levels from assistant Supervisor to Manager in a few months.

Because of this and my business ad training background, I know that I am well placed to share my experience and knowledge with you to help support your business growth, should you decide to join my team.

In this presentation, I share the key factors to consider when deciding whether oor not to choose Forever as your route to building a great lifestyle business.

So just what is the forever Business Opportunity?

Forever is a global business that enables ordinary people the route to achieve extraordinary results with a low-cost investment and the great support structure they have developed to help people to be successful with no caps on earnings.

You could call the Global Wellness industry that Forever is part of, the new modern day gold rush.

This industry is growing so fast and represents a massive 1.083 billion dollar marketplace.

I am guessing you are already personally part of this Gold Rush, if in the last 5 years you have done more exercise, eaten more healthily, given up smoking, drunk less alcohol taken more supplements or even just drunk more water!

The network marketing industry hit a record of 189.6 billion dollars in global retail sales in 2018!

As you can see the biggest sectors being Wellness then a close second comes Cosmetics and Personal care.

In this business recommendations are worth their weight in gold because people tend to seek out advice about products from their circle of friends and family.

So what’s important too you?

Is it extra income, more time, the lifestyle or perhaps a way to get a pension.

It might not be about money, you might love recognition and career growth opportunities or a sense of community.

Or you love to travel and this business offers you that opportunity.

One of my loves is that the products are proven to have great health benefits  and learning about them will enable us to go out and make a difference.

Why am I so convinced that Forever is such a good opportunity?

Well, it’s because I love their ethics, the high quality of the products, the fact it’s still a family run business that has been trading for over 40 years and there is some fabulous training and support offered every step of the way.

Forever also is making a real difference to the world with their Rise against Hunger contributions, the health benefits of the products and the lifestyle the business owners can achieve if they work towards it.

Some other benefits are that the products have a money back guarantee, many of these products are Halal and Kosher certified. The products are GM Free. They are the world’s number 1 producer of aloe vera based products

The Aloe Vera Gel iis the key to good health – its liquid gold!

It supports Healthy Digestion helps maintain natural energy levels promotes a healthy immune system and it has fantastic soothing, cooling and moisturising properties.

The products really are the key to good health. Whether it’s for Skincare weight management or Sports and nutrition.

The UK market alone is huge with sales topping over £414 million in the vitamins and supplements market alone. The weight management and Skincare markets have over £2 billion each.

You probably wonder how we distribute our products. We don’t have traditional shops we use people to sell face to face . It is a low investment model with no stock, no staff, and flexible working hours. It is also a proven global business model.

The benefits of becoming a Forever Business Owner are that you get the chance to make a difference, can have a global business if you wish, with over 150 countries to sell too.

The opportunity allows uncapped earnings and a willable income. You’re given full training and support using a simple, proven global business building system

You get to set your own goals, work your own hours and work towards outstanding incentives.

This all leads to recognition, rewards and fun!

If you want to join me or ask more questions that is cool. Simply contact me via the contact page or click the button below…