April 9, 2017

Simple Twitter Strategies For Business

By Sue Berry

TwitterSimple Twitter Strategies

There are lots of positives for a business to use Twitter for their business

Twitter is one of the leading social networking platforms with approximately 100 million user logins every day. This makes it one of the best platforms to tap traffic, as well as advertise products and services using its hashtag feature.

Although most businesses and marketers already use Twitter to market their brands, very few reap enough traffic or benefits from the same. Nonetheless, playing by the rules when using Twitter for marketing is all you need to get enough following to make a difference. Some of the best Twitter strategies to take advantage of when marketing your company/brand are discussed below.

1. Follow other businesses and users: The social media plays more on a give-take rule, whereby you have to follow someone for them to follow you. Twitter is no exception. One of the reasons businesses are on Twitter is to gain a following, which can only be acquired if you follow enough active users. The best way to do this as a businessperson is by following other people and retweeting their tweets. This will not only improve visibility but also engage other people as well.

2. Keep posts (Tweets) short: Most Twitter users do not respond well to long tweets. Although Twitter has a limit as to how long a tweet should be, users appreciate short and precise tweets with a little under 100 characters. Taking advantage of this should see your tweets retweeted by your followers hence increased exposure and traffic.twitter

3. Make use of images: Imagery helps drive the message home. Nonetheless, you will need to choose the perfect photo to go alongside the tweet for followers to appreciate it. Adding a link on the image can help improve the engagement as well.

While posting tweets regularly may keep your target audience engaged, it would be best if you considered using a hashtag or two with the tweets. This makes it easier to find your posts and attract a following for your business.

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