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Google Snippets

September 20, 2020 Tips & Hints 0

Just What Are Google Snippets?

A Snippet is like a gateway to your site.

It is made up of 3 elements:

  1. The SEO Title
  2. Page Description Link
  3. Meta Description

These snippets are used to tell Google what your page is about, in an easy to read, succinct manner.

When you design your snippet, you want to make it as inviting as you can, along with a call to action.

This sometimes can be difficult to get right because you have a limit of 155 characters.

Snippets do look different on a phone compared to a pc. but they all still contain the same elements.

You are able to change all of the elements. What you need to be thinking about, is have I written my snippet in a way that explains exactly, what my page is about.

Write the description as though you are briefly summarising the page to a friend.

The page links should be keyword friendly and as short and concise as possible.

A tip for you, when you are making your page links SEO friendly, use you main keyword and use hyphens to seperate words. Try to also stick to lower case letters.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets take the normal snippet and add information like your logo and a photos of your product.

I use a Rich Snippet editor plugin for my wordpress site. If you are unsure of what you need, ask your web developer to install it for you.

I tend to use either Yoast or Rich Snippets. Both can be found on the WordPress platform.

Selling Products using Rich Snippets

If you sell products Rich Snippets are really important. You can show the image of your product, the price, the stock you have, the benefits and also answer questions people may have.  One other really important thing is to add reviews.

 Selling Your Services

If you are selling services, think about the benefits  of your service. The added value you give compared to your competition.

Really showcase your services in easy to understand short concise statements.

To Summarise

If you are not using Snippets at the momennt, I strongly advise you start to do so.

Remember, the more information that you can put in front of Google (and other search engines) means more potential buyers are shown to your right target audience!

Get your wording right and you will increase your sales!

Just What Are Google Snippets?
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Just What Are Google Snippets?
Think of 'Google snippets' as the doorways to your site. Writing unique, accurate descriptions help to increase visibility. Read More...
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