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Stop Web-Form Spamming

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Stop Web-Form Spamming

August 2, 2020 Tips & Hints 0

Many of you won’t have heard of the bots out there that attach themselves to your contact form on your website and spam mail out hundreds, if not thousands of emails all in your name!

I’m yet to understand the real reason for it, but I was one of those who had the contact form on my site hacked in order for emails to be sent out in my name and from my hosting. The worst thing about it was that I didn’t know until my host company decided to block the emails. These caused bounce backs and they came flooding into my email box. Literally hundreds of them, a few every minute for hours! Then the worst thing happened, my hosting company shut me down!

Now the form that I had put on my site was well trusted by web builders but I guess they knew about the bots and what they could do, so they protected themselves.

I knew a bit about them but I didn’t realise the massive consequences of not ensuring the form was secure.

Well I’m shut down, no website and in a bit of a panic! I can block the emails arriving in my inbox but that doesn’t get my website back.

I contact my hosting company and they explain what has happened and tell me what I need to do.

I am used to working on my website so these are the steps I took …

  1. I went to my form and really looked at the set up.
  2. I noticed a box to tick to get a Captcha Code so I ticked it
  3. I then had to follow a link to the Google Captcha site and follow instructions to set it up
  4. Having done this, I headed back to my form set up and installed a code for the captcha.
  5. It all worked well but my site visitors now have to fill in a captcha code. I don’t like that really as we all get frustrated at them
  6. So next step was to install the Captcha code version 3, which is hidden and rates on it’s proven metrics as to whether the details put in the form are spam or not. It didn’t work well! Back came the emails!
  7. Then I thought about how I send messages and decided to get rid of the form and add a Facebook Messenger app to my site. It appears on all pages, I am alerted when I receive a message and I don’t think any bots will affect my hosting again!
So happy days, I have my site back. My visitors also have a way to get hold of me without these bots hacking my site.

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