The Greatest Value in Life

The Greatest Value in Life is Living a Good Life!

Jim Rohn Quote

My Thoughts on part of a Jim Rohn interview I regularly listen to:

Jim Rohn was an exceptionally inspiring thought leader and in one of his interviews he said ‘ the greatest value in life is living a good life’

He suggested we live by these 5 things:

  1. Productivity
  2. Good Friends
  3. Spirituality
  4. Don’t miss the game!
  5. Take care of your inner circle


He outlines his interpretation but I wanted to look at it from how I have lived my life.

  1. Productivity – I have always believed that I should work hard and play hard. I love to work, to guide people to a better life as often as I can. Some people see my working so many hours each day as a bit excessive but it isn’t work to me, it is sharing my skills will those that want to learn and I am blessed to be in this fortunate position! Producing something to help the world or even just a few people is so rewarding. 
  2. Good Friends – I love to spend time with my friends, I will confess I am not the best at keeping in touch because my work often gets in the way, but I know that when we get together we’ll have a laugh.  I truly value their time, friendship and the memories we share. Friends are so important to feeling that you really belong.
  3. Spirituality – This word is big in my book, I love to learn how to be better, to develop my skills, to offer something back to the world that surrounds me. I truly believe I was put on this earth to help make a difference. It has taken many years of learning to now understand where I can best help others. Spirituality is what’s in your heart!
  4. Don’t Miss the Game – It’s so easy to step out of life and miss the fantastic opportunities we all have. I remember being devastated at losing my business and admit I hid for a short while, feeling battered and bruised but something very strong in my heart made me stand up and get back into this exciting world around me. Now I am fortunate enough to help people that need that little gentle push to jump back into my favorite place, the world of owning your own business!
  5. Take care of your inner circle – we all have an inner circle, mine is my lovely family, I am the first to admit I lose track of time and don’t chat to them all as much as I should, but I do try to ensure that we have times that make lovely memories. Your family is your rock, through good and bad times. I treasure my family and that I’m sure is what Jim is telling us to do!l