sniply app
June 2, 2019

The Power of Sniply

By Sue Berry marketing tool!

I am always on the look out for tools that help me to build my business. This is one that I think has potential. It allows you to send people to a popular site and then add a call to action that pops up over a web page.

So why do I like this tool?

It means that I can add a call to action on every link I share. Once I share a link, I can track how popular they are.

So let me explain a little more:

I have a business that I want to grow, I am looking for product sales and people to join my lifestyle business.

There are 3 things that I look to do –

  1. I want to drive people to information that gives them the answers that they need.
  2. I want a method to encourage people to buy my products.
  3. I am looking to build my credibility in order to make people want the same type of lifestyle business as I have.

So in the first instance I will send my contacts to websites that show how they can solve the problem they have. This could be one of my sites or someone else’s.

If I send to a site that I don’t own, I want them to easily come back to me to buy my product or services. This tool enables a pop-over that offers a call to action in order for me to share great advice and then hopefully pull them back to my site to enable them to buy. I can’t guarantee it will work but I do at least know I am in with a chance that they will come back to me.

Secondly, if I sell products, maybe my potential buyers wish to see reviews of a certain product first before they buy. I can send them to a review site and then drive them back to my site to buy.

Thirdly, I want to build my brand and if all of my links show my brand, I am helping to grow awareness of me and my products/services.

There are many instances and I can use the link on all of my social media platforms. This means I can get more interaction with my followers.