UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of website back-ups and restoration for over a million users.  

Why I like and use UpdraftPlus: 

Every website owner needs to protect their website/blog from bad plugins, server crashes, security hacks and even user error. 

Backing up your website, daily or is paramount. With UpdraftPlus this is so easy to set up and forget. Download free version here.

There are several companies who offer a back up service but I trust and personally always use UpdraftPlus.

I store my site back ups on the Amazon S3 platform and ensure that I have several copies saved at any one time. I also keep a separate copy of the original site build, just in case I need to go back at any time.

Amazon S3 is very cheap to store files and I rarely pay more that $5 per month. Your first year is free so there’s no real excuse not to have an account.

There is also a free Updraft service but I do feel that the premium service is really valuable when it comes to copying or moving your site(s).

4 Reasons Why You Need to Back-up your WordPress site

  • Peace of Mind
  • Automatic Back-Ups - Set and Forget!
  • Restores your site easily, if you ever need it.
  • Easy to set up.

UpdraftPlus - Premium

 I use the premium version as I have many sites and need to act quickly if something should go wrong with any one of them.

Below is a short video about the added benefits.