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December 12, 2019

Why I love the Network Marketing Industry

By Sue Berry

Network Marketing.

So some will say it’s bad news, some will say it’s the best way to run a business!

I’ve lived enough years to have heard and seen the good and bad of this industry.

The words of ‘Pyramid Selling’ still ring quite loud when I tell some people what business I’m in.

But it is illegal to run a pyramid selling scheme and my logic is this:

There are a lot of businesses that have been trading legally in the Network Marketing/MLM arena for many years and they have not been closed down by any of the trading standards authorities around the world.

Surely if that’s the case they must be doing something right.

My advice for anyone who wants to get involved is that they should do their due diligence! By this I mean only go with a company that has proof of trading for at least 5 years. Check that their training and support is a main part of the structure of their business. You need to know that if you get stuck in those early day, someone will be there to help you over the hurdles.

It will be new to you, so there will almost certainly be days when you feel you can’t move forward.  You just need to feel confident help is at hand.

The payment structure varies from company to company but you need to be confident you will get the money you earn and that your compensation is good for the products you sell.

Start up costs should be reasonable and in the UK should be no more than £200 in the first week with an opportunity to a full refund if you are unhappy with your purchase.

So the reason I love network marketing is because the costs to start up are a lot lower than a traditional business. I can work hours to suit, work as hard as I want and build my business as big as I want. I have access to great training and the people who get involved in this type of business are usually really lovely people so you get to make many friends. There are usually incentives to keep you motivated and the products are in most cases really good.

Just choose a company where you like there ethics and products and you won’t go far wrong. But remember this type of business just simply isn’t a way to get rich quick. Plan, like any business and expect the good returns to start in year 2-3. (Obviously this varies person to person – hard work will reward you a lot quicker than if you are half-heartedly being involved)

This is why I have started my training courses, I want to help you turn your business into a successful one quicker than if you simply go it alone. Are you interested? Find out more at: