Web Page v Landing page
September 16, 2020

Landing or Website Page

By Sue Berry

What is the difference between  landing pages and web pages?  

Landing Pages v Webpages

In theory landing pages and web pages are no different, because a page is a page. It is all a matter of how you use the page.  The way I look at it, is that your web page is part of your website. A landing page can be quite seperate, not necessarily attached to your website.

If you think of it like this:

A Webpage

You have a website built to sell your business.  It has many pages that are linked together. Your website may be an informational site, an ecommerce site or a mix of both.

Your website is designed to give information about your business that will built trust and ultimately attract sales 24/7.

A Landing Page

Landing pages are one-off pages that encourage your visitor to take just one action.

This is useful if you want to build your list of interested potential buyers or to sell a specific product.

There are specific ways to build both your webpages and landing pages in order to attract more of the right kind of visitors.  You can learn more by taking my 5 day ‘Sell More Stuff’ challenge.

Primary Objective

Regardless of whether you are using website pages, landing pages or a mix of both, you really need to have a primary objective for each and every page.

I like to build landing pages to perform an individual action.

Call To Action

If your action is to get leads. I will set up a dedicated landing page with a Call to Action to give a really great free product or free trials and collect contact details in return for this.

Product Page

Another page I like to use is for a specific product. I set up really high converting landing pages by ensuring that I really drill down into the needs of my target audience. This enables me to perfect my benefits and features in order to get a sale of a product or service.

Targeting Audiences

Targeting specific audiences may mean I have less viewers, but I will have more buyers because they can relate to my messages.

So, the first things I ask myself  on every page are:

  1. What is it that I am really offering?
  2. How will it affect my customer’s life?
  3. What proof do I have have that I have a good offering?
  4. What do they need to do to get what I’m offering

Let’s look a bit deeper:

What am I really offering?

This is not usually the product as people buy experiences. They buy the product to feel better, to save time, to make life happier and so on.

How will it affect my customer’s life?

I always put a huge focus on the benefits. People buy into benefits way more than features. They want to know how your product will make them feel!

What proof do I have have that I have a good offering?

Next thing you need to do is prove your offering has changed lives. Stories and testimonials are really good for this.

Ensure you make your reader feels exactly how they will feel if they had your product or service.

Final Note:

One last thing that I’d like to advise, is that whether you use a page on your website, a landing page or a blog post, you should always monitor your search results and conversion rates. You need to know the pages that the search results bring up and the conversion rates of any ‘Calls to Action’ you have on your page.

I also would advise that you monitor any social media marketing campaigns and other pay per click marketing you do, to ensure that  you are not wasting money advertising pages that people are just not interested in.

Also remember to drive as much marketing activity as you can back to an individual web page not the generic home page.

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Landing or Website Page
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Landing or Website Page
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